• Q: (BS-216L-28K)How does the auto-clean device work?2017-03-16

    A: Enclosed please kindly check the diagram. The auto-clean device consists of solenoid valve, water pipe, rotated nozzles and Water-heating Auto-clean Tank. The water-heating auto-clean tank consists of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), water pump and water tank. The rotated nozzles are controlled by solenoid valves. For BS-216L-28K model, there are three solenoid valves. Each solenoid valve takes turns to run.

  • Q: Whether detergent consumption is needed during cleaning?2017-03-16

    A: As oil mist is very easy to clean with hot water for our honeycomb filter cells. Detergent is no need in our auto-clean process. The water in the tank will be heated and used to wash the filter cells.

  • Q: (BS-216L-28K)What is the washing cycle?2017-03-16

    A: Washing period depends on your setting as well as the washing time. Generally the ESP has to be washed every three to four weeks by auto-clean device. If your fume is heavy, you can shorten the washing period.

  • Q: (BS-216L-28K)Please advise the drain connection.2017-03-16

    A: Please kindly check the attached introduction for the structure and connections details. With the auto-clean device, the ESP can operate maintenance-free for a long time, thus your time, cost and trouble of frequent manual cleaning can be saved.

  • Q: (duct-mounted kitchen ESP)Installation2017-03-16

    A: You can install our product inside or outside your kitchen, shown in the attached image. For installation, you can ask some kind of ventilation engineering company who is specialized in ventilation installation and knows well the local law about kitchen air filter’s installation. You can get answers or advices from this ventilation engineering company about how to install our product with permission of the law.

  • Q: (duct-mounted kitchen ESP)Whether there is blanking plate?2017-03-16

    A: Enclosed pls kindly find attached flange image. A blanking plate will be added between the flanges. Otherwise, the total air leakage factor of the whole ESP system is about 15%. With trials and researches carried by our professional technicians, the air leakage factor is reliable and workable for purification efficiency as well as running.

  • Q: All product certifications & other marketing materials.2017-03-16

    A: The certificates are show in the catalogue (refer to Catering Catalogue Page 17 & 18. The most requested certificate (CE) is attached. Our ESP gets 33 patents, and the design is unique. There are many videos which can help your marketing. They shows the company image, scale, technical; efficiency of filter and some maintenance of the products.

  • Q: Does the BBQ use charcoal?2017-03-16

    A: Yes, the BBQ grill heats the food by burning charcoal.

  • Q: (BBQ)Will the grilled food have the charcoaled flavor?2017-03-16

    A: There won’t be charcoal flavor, because the fume of roasting and the fume of burning is absorbed downward, while the food is on the top of the grill.

  • Q: (BBQ)How much is the unit for?2017-03-16

    A: We are manufacturer, and sale-purchase is more preferred. Thereof, the price will be influenced by the quantity you need.

  • Q: (Coffee roasting)What will be produced during coffee roasting?2017-03-16

    A: During the coffee roasting, dust, particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOC), organic acids and combustion products are the principle emissions. Gaseous pollutants including alcohols, aldehydes, organic acids, nitrogen and sulfur compounds mainly come from roasters.

  • Q: Can your electrostatic filter deal with the smoke from coffee roasting?2017-03-16

    A: As large amount of dust will be produced during the coffee roasting, the nice solution is to use cyclone dust collectors to remove the dust first and use our electrostatic filter to purify the waste gas.

  • Q: What is the principle of your electrostatic precipitator technology?2017-01-04

    A: As there is high voltage emitted by our high frequency high voltage power pack, the cathode needles will generate a large amount of electrons. When the electrons meet the air molecules, negative ions will be generated. Then particulate matters will be negatively charged by the negative ions. The negatively charged particulate matters will be positively absorbed by the anode tube under the function of electric field. Finally the processed particulate matters like grease will be drained away.

  • Q: (BBQ)Does it use any electricity?2017-01-04

    A: Yes. Electricity is the power supply for the smoke extraction and purification.

  • Q: (BBQ)Can you please provide the technical data sheets for your bbq?2017-01-04

    A: The specification of the BBQ is listed below.

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